King of Clubs is a Milwaukee based rock cover band that features greatest hits of the 90's and today. Established in 2004, 'K.o.C.' continues to work extremely hard to deliver energy driven shows.
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King of Clubs is a group of good friends and talented musicians who are passionate about bringing a high level of music and showmanship to the Milwaukee music scene.

Paul Dachelet: For Paul, singing is in his blood. Following in his father's footsteps, who had a 40 plus year singing career in Green Bay, WI, Paul started singing at the age of 7 as a founding member of the Green Bay Boys Choir.  In the fall of 2007, Paul auditioned  for KoC and has been with the band ever since.  Paul is a dedicated singer and music fan whose ambition is to do justice to the songs he sings.

DJ Shakes: As rhythm guitarist and vocalist, King Shakes, has been entertaining the Milwaukee music scene as a member of Lake Effect, Liquorish, Kingfish, and now King of Clubs. King Shakes is a multi-talented musician playing drums, guitar, and bass. King Shakes also has a voiceover company and full time school teacher.

Tim Zernia: The drummer, bassist, and guitar player depending on the song, is another multi-talented member of KoC, Tim shows his love for music through his high energy and entertaining performances.  Tim plays bass, guitar, mandolin, drums, keyboards, and ukulele.  Tim also loves to build his own guitars and basses. Tim is soon to be one of Milwaukee's favorite musicians through his KoC performances.

Michael Harms: Mike Harms has returned to King of Clubs, after a couple of years off from the music scene, to play bass. Mike's passion for the music, humor, and energy are evident with every  King of Clubs show. Mike's absence only made us fonder, and we are very happy to welcome him back to

King of Clubs .

Tom Raspanti: Tom brings a new energy as the lead guitarist for King of Clubs!  Tom is a long time and current member of one of Milwaukee's biggest cover bands Almighty Vinyl.  Tom lends his lead guitar skills to King of Clubs with a youthful energy and passion that can be seen in his playing.  Tom is a former member of Tainted Perception with Mike Harms.

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